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How It Works

When hair is wet the cuticle swells, causing strands to lose strength, resulting in breakage. Color or chemically-treated hair is even more prone to damage. So before you start styling, soak up excess water without friction or heat with an AQUIS Original Hair Towel or Hair Turban that is designed specifically for your hair.

AQUIS Original products are engineered with our proprietary fabric called AQUITEX™. Our Hair Towels and Hair Turbans wick water away from hair faster than a regular cotton or other natural fiber towels, as they are not as absorbent, bringing hair to a damp state without damaging your hair. They not only save you time, but also minimize the damage caused by friction from your bath towels and substantial heat damage from blow dryers. No snagging or pulling, just faster, hands free drying while you get ready for the day!

How to use:

Flip head forward and twist. Secure in place at nape of neck either by tucking towel ends, or by securing turban button and loop. Leave on until hair is damp. Do Not Leave on overnight.

Care Instructions:

Before use, machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle, using a minimal amount of liquid detergent (use only non-chlorine bleach). Use mild liquid detergent like the method brand; do not wash it with other fabrics that may contain chemicals or impart odors. Do not use fabric softener or powder detergent and dry right after washing on low heat or air dry. Hang-dry immediately after each use.

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